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At Admiral Sail each single project is developed by the in-house technical department and the architectural design team in cooperation with some of the world’s most famous designers and naval architects.

Once the order is signed, each owner and his representatives are assigned a project manager who looks after the project from the very initial stages throughout the construction and until delivery.

The level of customization will be the highest of the category with regards to the semi-custom division and it will become almost limitless within the superyacht division; from the choice of the layout, to the  finish of the interior design, passing through the kind of materials used and the little details, nothing will be left to chance.

Of course building a semi or fully custom sailing yacht also means that the owner can decide the kind of rig installed on board, depending on use and preferences, as well as the kind of keel. The owner's choices will be the shipyard’s challenge to deliver the perfect yacht, fulfilling the every need, in order to get a 100% tailor made yacht.

Admiral Sail - Your very own sailing yacht.